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Amazing Receptions


about amazing receptions!

What you should consider for your big day

When thinking back to weddings you have attended in the past. Do you remember the flowers in the center piece? How about the flavor of the cake? Do you remember what you had for dinner? Perhaps the answer to these questions is yes. Now, do you remember if you had fun?

All aspects of your reception are important. However, people tend to remember two things more than other details. They remeber if they liked the food they ate, and the certainly remember whether or not they had FUN! Keep in mind, your entertainment choice says a lot about you. Your guests have an expectation of a fun reception, however this is usually one of the last details brides consider when making their budgets.

Amazing Receptions will work with your budget and make your night unforgettable. We have several wedding packages to choose from, all with their own fun & exciting features. We look forward to making your reception AMAZING!