Mean Gene


Gene is the owner/entertainment director and has over 25 years of DJ/MC experience including mobile, radio, and club DJ experience. Gene brings a ton of experience and has done  hundreds of wedding and private events over the years.



Marcie owner has been involved in the event industry as a side hustle for over 20 years. She brings unique talents to Livewire helping in all facets of the company. 

Jammin Joe


Jammin Joe another one of our DJ/MCs with over 25 years of experience including, mobile, radio, club DJ and production experience. 

Ricky Rick


Ricky Rick has over 5 years of DJ experience and considered Livewire's country music expert. Ricky has a love for country especially Texas country and brings another great DJ to Livewire. 



Sarah a stay at home mom that helps Livewire part time by assisting us with writing and marketing  projects. If you reach out to Livewire she may be the first one you hear from.

Team Help


We have other team members that help from time to time with setup and tear down at events. Event entertainment often takes more than one person to pull it off.